Chord Kunci Gitar A TALE THAT WASNT RIGHT - Helloween

A Tale That Wasnt Right Chords
Am  E  Am  F  Dm  Am  E  Am
        Am        E
Here I stand all alone
        Am              F
Have my mind turned to stone
         Dm                  Am
Have my heart filled up with ice
    E                 Am   G
To avoid its breakin twice.
Thanx to you, my dear old friend
But you cant help, this is the end
Of a tale that wasnt right
I wont have no sleep tonight
Am                 G
In my heart, in my soul
          F      C         A# G
I really hate to pay this toll
           Am                G
Should be strong, young and bold
         F            E       Am
But the only thing I feel is pain
Its alright, well stay friends
Trustin in my confidence
And lets say its just alright
You wont sleep alone tonight
Chorus …
Am  F  G  E  F  Dm  E  Am